Dina Mavridis’ 20-Year Anniversary

Velocity Electronics celebrates Dina Mavridis' 20-Year Anniversary!

This month, we are excited to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of Dina Mavridis!

It could not be a more appropriate time as we are celebrating the history and growth of Velocity Electronics. Since she’s been with us from the start, Dina Mavridis has been an integral part of our history and growth, both nationally and internationally. Dina began her career with Velocity in sales in 2001. During her time in this role, she supported external business partners, vendors, and also helped launch global sales from the Austin office.

Throughout her time, Dina has had a significant influence on every division of our company. Starting in sales, she opened the largest business partner in company history in the early 2000s. This certainly boosted our impact and reach. Additionally, she has been a part of three national company moves and every new country grand opening. Undoubtedly, she has helped international growth as well as integrate our ERP system.

After years in sales, Dina saw a need in the company. Because of the continued growth of Velocity, she saw the importance of an accounting and human resource department. Accordingly, she transitioned from sales to human resources. Since then, she has paved the way for what now is our human resources department. While overseeing employees across 27 global locations, Dina truly makes our global company feel like a close-knit family. One of our strongest company values is culture and because of this, we cannot help but recognize Dina for setting the tone of our company culture. She especially does this with her intentional and welcoming personality. This makes everyone feel valued and connected.

We know the value of long-term employees, so we know the past 20 years would not have looked the same without Dina. Truly, we are honored and grateful for Dina’s hard work, determination, loyalty, and dedication to the success of Velocity. As a team, we look forward to all the continued success working together! Congratulations, Dina!

"Dina fully exemplifies what it means to be a Velocitarian. Her unwavering support and commitment to Velocity’s primary stakeholders provide us with a competitively differentiated value." 

- Kris Kelly President and CEO Velocity Electronics
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