The Top 5 Benefits of Working with Velocity Electronics in 2021

Managing a manufacturing project is stressful. Thankfully, Velocity Electronics can help ensure you're running efficiently, solving any problem along the way.

Working With Velocity Electronics

The pandemic continues to cause major disruptions in the supply chain for electronic components. For certain industries, these delays have been as long as 50 weeks and shortages have become costly for companies and consumers. Working with a trusted supply chain partner like Velocity Electronics can improve the continuity of supply, keep production lines open, and reduce outstanding component shortages.

These are some of the benefits of working with Velocity Electronics as your sourcing partner to provide inventory solutions.

Understanding a Change in Velocity

Our adaptability and focus on moving forward in these changing times with puts in the best position to be your sourcing partner during this volatile market. 

Velocity Electronics is an expert in streamlining processes, so you get the most out of your time. Aligning your procurement, shipping, customs, quality conformance inspections, warehousing, and resource planning departments can be more efficient with a reliable supply chain partner like Velocity.

Custom Inventory Solutions and Sourcing

We can assist with inspections, warehousing, and logistics.

Velocity partners with a trusted procurement management group that assists with crucial warehouse tasks. Whatever your existing supply chain, we can help seamlessly integrate your process.

We can help reduce your costs associated with procurement and administration by increasing inventory turns, lessening the cost of excess product mitigation and/or shortages, and shorten cash to cash cycles.

If there’s something you need to find, we have the experience and resources to track down your products. We use a proprietary Parts List Merger (PLM) for commodity analysts and sourcing teams. This can help you find quality parts to extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Excess and Obsolete Solutions with velocity electronics

Are excess and obsolete solutions costing you money? Don’t hang on to excess inventory.

Velocity Electronics can help comb through your inventory records for capital recovery and material disposition services. We store products in certified facilities in Austin, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

By sorting through inventory by line item and lot, we can assist you in a hybrid cash/consignment solution.

Cost Reduction Solutions

Cost-cutting is more important than ever right now.

Warehousing can be a big expense, and bringing down the cost of inventory ownership is a big priority for Velocity.

That’s why we coordinate shipping. We coordinate shipping through global hubs, flexible schedules, and push and pull agility. Velocity Electronics has a global reach that is widespread.

We can meet your custom cost reduction needs, as well as extended payment terms and order scheduling.

Worldwide Trust

Our processes reduce the risk of acquiring counterfeit products. Our quality inspection protocol combines technology and training to spot inauthentic parts.

A part that is incoming goes through inspection and gets stored in the Velocity Information System (VIS). After arrival, parts through receiving, then verification, quality inspection, and additional testing before being available to you.

Our efforts have made us globally trusted partner. We hold certifications like ANAB accreditation, SAE International, ESD Association, and many more.

Work With Velocity Electronics

If you need assistance finding component shortage solutions and improving your supply chain management, look no further than Velocity Electronics.

We offer inventory solutions that combat the challenges of electronics distributions. With our regional sourcing hubs, offices, and inspection centers, we are prepared to put these solutions into action.

Reach out to see how we can assist your electronics inventory needs. Take advantage of our change in velocity.

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