Taking Global Sourcing to the Next Level: Top 5 Resources of 2022

Build a better global sourcing strategy in 2023 with our top 5 semiconductor supply chain resources of the last year. Take on the new year with confidence!

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Best Semiconductor Global Sourcing Strategies for a Resilient Supply Chain

Global sourcing amid semiconductor supply chain shortages, unpredictable markets, and unprecedented world events was certainly a challenge in 2022. But it was one we took on with determination and commitment to our partners. In that spirit, we’re sharing our Top 5 most-used resources from last year. Find coverage on topics from obsolescence management and excess inventory to the advantages of supplier partnerships and supply chain solutions.

Competitive Advantage

When you build a solid plan for obsolescence management now, you can gain a competitive advantage by avoiding costly disruptions later. Understand and assess the risks to your supply chain. Make a timeline for the process. Feel empowered to save time, money, and stress with Obsolescence Management: Tips for an Intentional Approach.

Supply Chain Leaders

Source Today ranked Velocity #26 on their Top 50 Electronic Component Distributors list. Our growth as a trusted leader in semiconductor supply chain solutions is due in no small part to our phenomenal team, who are deeply dedicated to our global partners. See the full list and learn more about Velocity’s commitment to ensuring the electronics industry has the necessary components to succeed.

Global Supply Chain Disruption

Over 50% of electronics manufacturing companies reported component shortages and production delays in 2020. Subsequently, many companies were dealing with excess inventory due to plummeting demand by 2022. Learn how to take a streamlined, strategic approach to reduce liability with Excess Inventory: Worry-Free Capital Recovery.

Supplier Partnerships

Never settle for transactional relationships when you can have true supplier partnerships. When Velocity started over 20 years ago, we made it our mission to build a business that focuses on people first. Learn more about what sets us apart and how we can support your unique needs in Business Partnerships vs. Transactional Relationships.

Global Sourcing Strategies

Buzzwords for 2022: Supply Chain Solutions. Everyone was looking for reliable global sourcing strategies and secure component shortage fixes. Moreover, that\’s likely to remain the same in 1Q23. If you\’re navigating supply chain disruptions, download our free guide for customized, efficient answers to your most pressing shortage issues.

As a new year begins, the Velocity team is re-energized and ready to continue supporting high-tech companies that rely on proactive global sourcing strategies and solutions that keep them moving at the pace of innovation. Regardless of the market in 2023, your trusted electronic component distributor and supply chain partner is here for you. We\’re committed to providing new resources, forward-thinking partnerships, and timely industry insights now and in the years ahead. Relax — we\’ve got you. Learn more about the advantages of partnership today!

Flexible Solutions

If you're searching for flexible solutions for your supply chain issues, reach out today! We would love to assist you.

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