Business Partnerships vs Transactional Relationships

Learn about how Velocity Electronics invests in business partnerships instead of settling for transactional relationships.

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The Benefits of Partnership and Human Connection

The world of electronics can often seem intimidating, overwhelming, and even distant. With the pressured nature of the current supply chain and the many issues surrounding components, we are here to tell you it doesn’t always have to be that way. When we first started over 20 years ago, we made it our mission to build a business that focuses on people first.

At the heart of our company’s culture is taking the time to invest in our employees, our business partners, and our extended Velocity family. This is what we refer to as “the human component.” In this blog, we will discuss how we nurture business partnerships instead of quick, transactional relationships. Read on to learn more about how we include the human component in all that we do!

Business Partnership vs Transactional Relationships

What exactly do we mean when we say we value the human component? At the core of it are the people. We know that behind every business partner’s need is a person. Our employees and processes are intentional, beginning with the first conversation, to ensure our business partners know we value them as more than just a number. We take the time to truly understand their needs, their employees, and their motivations.

Whereas a transactional relationship mindset focuses on fulfilling an order and moving on, we want to nurture and maintain a true partnership. We don’t walk away after getting an order. We desire to understand the overall business landscape, the people who work there, and the company’s mission, not just the immediate component need. When issues occur, we are devoted to problem-solving together. While Velocity is built around our business partners, we are invested in helping you reach your long-term goals, too. 

Business Partnership Benefits with Velocity

Why should you partner with Velocity? We are proud of our team, our growth, and our capabilities as a company. We enjoy partnering with new businesses and extending our community reach. When you create a business partnership with us, we plan to deliver. We value transparency and honesty, which you can expect to experience in each interaction. While the industry has not always been known for this, we aim to change that. In a business partnership with Velocity, this looks like following up even after meeting an initial need. We believe in following through with anything we say we will do, and we hold ourselves accountable for meeting those expectations.

To make this happen, we invest in our employees so they can invest in you. Our dedicated employees are at the core of our business and success. Without them, we realize we wouldn’t be reaching the milestones we have celebrated this year. From reaching sales goals to celebrating new employees and promotions, we know that our business partners benefit from the investment in our people at the end of the day.

Excellence and Expertise for your Supply Chain

While investing in our employees and focusing on the human component, we work to provide excellence and expertise relentlessly. This trickles down from our internal processes to the success of our business partnerships. We ensure our business partners can rely on us for secure, innovative, flexible component management solutions. 

When a curveball hits the supply chain, we are here with knowledge and expertise. From our inspection protocols to quality assurance, we make sure every interaction with Velocity gives our business partners unmatched quality and peace of mind instead of a quick transactional relationship. We are proud to have one of the largest, qualified global supplier networks. Through the speed and reach of our proprietary sourcing software, Velocity Market Search (VMS), we fulfill even the most challenging component needs. Since our humble beginnings over 20 years ago, we have grown to over 27 global locations. Our team of experts is familiar with the area and culture, and they bring a unique, localized perspective to each interaction.

Your success is our success. Working with our business partners and bringing the human component to all we do keeps us going. We love that the industry is becoming more human-focused, and they are dedicated to continuing in this direction. While many of our conversations are not in person, we strive to bring the human component to each and every interaction. While the conveniences of a digital world are apparent, we believe in the power and importance of human interaction. When you partner with Velocity Electronics, you’re partnering with experts who hold themselves to the highest degree of excellence. When it comes to your supply chain needs, we are able and willing to serve you.

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