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True partnership

Customer satisfaction comes from forming a partnership with a team. We value dedication, innovation, and relentless determination to find secure, aligned, and flexible component management solutions.

Diversely Different

Value and relationship-driven

Each unique and demanding challenge gives us the opportunity to listen to and learn from our business partnerships and deliver exceptional value.

By offering a suite of customized solutions, extended payment terms, and order scheduling, we reduce TCP.

Trusted to L.E.A.d.

Our Code of Business Conduct — emphasizing honesty and integrity in everything we do


As a collective, we believe in doing what is right. Treating colleagues, customers, and partners with respect – and inspiring trust by aligning our words, behaviors, and actions to achieve a standard of organizational and individual excellence.


Our team holds initiative, creativity, and personal responsibility in the highest regard. We leverage our resources to solve our partners’ unique and demanding challenges.


We thrive by listening to, and learning from, our business partners and rely on meaningful collaboration to achieve success internally and externally. Each challenge is an opportunity to deliver exceptional value and an exceptional customer experience.


Together, we value determination, innovation, and relentless dedication to our team and our mission. We foster a family spirit of connectedness which fuels us to be our best.

We take pride in being S.A.F.E.

How we measure an outstanding customer experience


We provide superior supply chain security. Our global sourcing experts are guided by a comprehensive supplier selection process, combined with industry-leading counterfeit avoidance protocols to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products and services.


We are preferred for supply chain partnership in all major market verticals, a testament to our versatility and enterprising nature. Our global reach allows us to meet our customers exactly when and where they need us.


By offering a suite of customized solutions, extended payment terms, and order scheduling, we reduce TCP. We respond to our partners’ challenges by leveraging our exceptional people, processes, and protocols to match each customer’s specific business need.


Our L.E.A.D. values guide everything we do. Trust from our customers in our ability to secure their supply chains is important, and this trust forges partnerships that other currencies cannot buy.

Understand our passion,

Meet our Leadership

Velocity’s knowledgeable industry veterans and professionals operate within a Code of Business Conduct that emphasizes honesty and integrity in every partnership.

We fully comply with laws and regulations, and our employees are dedicated to doing the right thing every day with every decision.

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Kristofor Kelly
President and CEO
Austin, Texas, USA

Kris has achieved many milestones since joining Velocity Electronics in 2003.  Kris was instrumental in developing Velocity’s global footprint, opening offices throughout Asia and EMEA.  Kris’ exceptional customer focus and service credibility has established Velocity Electronics as a leader in independent distribution.  His creative and innovative approach in developing customer centric programs has fueled revenue growth and unwavering customer loyalty for Velocity Electronics worldwide.  Kris is an inspirational leader and trusted mentor to the entire Velocity team.

Kris is a graduate of Baylor University and earned a BBA in Marketing/International Business.

Karrin Franco
Chief Financial Officer
Austin, Texas, USA

Karrin is responsible for enabling positive results for Velocity, its business partners, investors and its people, through leadership of Velocity’s global corporate administrative functions including Finance, Accounting, Information Technology, Trade Compliance, Human Resources, and Risk Management.  She has more than two decades of experience in leading business operations across a broad spectrum of functional areas.

Karrin earned a BBA in Accounting and a MBA from Texas State University.  She is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the AICPA.  She is also green belt certified in Business Process Improvement.

Rocel Juntura
Global Vice President of Quality and Operations

Rocel has a distinguished career which started in the world’s leading supplier of outsourced semiconductor interconnect services.  Regarded as the best in his line of work, he has received several recognitions on Technical Innovations and Best Process Engineer awards.

Since joining Velocity Electronics in 2015, he has demonstrated a high level of expertise, ensuring that Velocity’s products meet the highest quality standards. His solid foundation for continuous improvement mindset, technical knowledge and practical solutions contributed to the growth of the whole organization.

Rocel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Adamson University in the Philippines.

Dina Mavridis
Global Director of Human Resources
Austin, Texas, USA

Dina is responsible for ensuring our employees are committed, satisfied, and unified.  Dina joined Velocity in 2001 as a sales representative, and held various sales management positions.   In 2010, she created and developed Velocity’s Human Resources Department.  Dina is a leader in employee advocacy and strives to promote Velocity’s brand internally and externally.

Dina is a dedicated leader in her community.  She is a member of Impact Austin, one of the largest women’s philanthropy groups in the nation.  She spent the past decade as Director of Girls Giving Grants, the youth initiative of Impact Austin.

Dina graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Christian University, where she received a BBA in Marketing with a Minor in International Communications.  She holds a PHR, Professional Human Resources, Certification.

Grant Schnabel
Global Vice President of Sales and Business Development
Austin, Texas, USA

Grant joined Velocity in 2005 and has held multiple sales, purchasing and supply chain management roles since then.

Grant successfully managed Velocity’s largest Tier 1 EMS, where he established himself as an industry leader in sourcing, procuring, and managing challenging component solutions.  Grant was promoted in 2015 and tasked with managing Velocity’s largest customer where he delivered unprecedented results.


Hal Juergens
Global Vice President of Sales Operations
Austin, Texas, USA

Since joining Velocity in 2002, Hal has been responsible for Velocity’s distributor sales and global inventory management.  Hal was instrumental in Velocity’s evolution and branding as a trusted supply chain management partner to several of the world’s leading manufacturers.  Hal’s organizational acumen and versatility have been key to the Company’s global revenue growth.

Hal holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Irvine and is a Certified Lean Manufacturing and Enterprise Expert—extensively trained in Six-Sigma principles, tools and processes.

Chuck Davidson
Global Director of Information Technology
Austin, Texas, USA

Chuck is an information technology veteran with over 20 years of experience.  He started his IT career migrating customers to the hardware of a large computer manufacturer.  Chuck’s background includes: Systems Support, IT Director, and IT Consulting.  He specializes in applying his experience in IT management to large projects such as facilities construction, infrastructure redesign, systems implementation and contract negotiation.

Chuck has degrees in computer science from the University of Maryland and University of Texas.

Tiffiny Stuart
Director of Accounting and Finance/Corporate Controller
Austin, Texas, USA

Tiffiny is responsible for directing the daily finance and accounting operations of the business. This includes managing the accounting records, implementing effective internal controls, managing risk, ensuring compliance with regulations, and analyzing financial data.

After spending over ten years in public accounting, Tiffiny found her passion in partnering with business owners to use financial data to make better decisions and drive for results.  Her industry experience now spans in excess of ten years and covers a broad range of industries including technology, manufacturing, construction, and professional services.

Tiffiny earned a BBA in Accounting from The University of Texas at Austin.  She is a Certified Public Accountant, a Chartered Global Management Accountant and a member of the AICPA.  

Cannie Kok
Director of Purchasing

Cannie has more than two decades of experience in Purchasing and Commodity Management in the electronics industry working with OEMs , EMS, Franchised, and Independent Distributors.  Cannie is responsible for Global Purchasing and currently based in Singapore.

She is passionate about learning new technologies and has built a tremendous reputation in leading and managing purchasing teams in delivering continuous growth as well as forging stronger bonds with suppliers.

Jose Lopez
Director of Sales, Americas
Cali, Colombia

Jose joined Velocity in 2004 as a Strategic Account manager focusing on the Latin America market.  In 2006, Jose was promoted to Team Leader and since then he has held several management positions including Global Account Manager, interim Sales Manager and Branch Manager.  In 2008, Jose moved back to his home country (Colombia) and managed Velocity’s remote sellers worldwide.  In 2013 he established Velocity’s first Support Center of Excellence.  Currently, Jose is responsible for all operations in South America and Mexico.

Jose holds a bachelor degree in Economics and a minor in Business from the University of Texas at Austin.

Alexandra Kolle
Director of Business Development, EMEA
Toulouse, France

Alex joined Velocity Electronics in 2010 with a strong background in the electronics industry.  Since coming to Velocity, she has been identifying, establishing and developing strategic partnerships while expanding our existing customer base in EMEA.  She is aligning company strategies, developing sales solutions and generating leads to sales. Her goal is to drive continuous growth at Velocity.

Alex is an active participant at most of the industry conferences, business meetings and events and serves as Velocity’s ambassador in EMEA.

Michael Flores
Director of Global Trade Compliance
Austin, Texas, USA

Mike has vast experience in establishing and leading global trade compliance teams to ensure business needs are compliant with all applicable trade laws and regulations to include auditing, risk management and assessment. Mike has well over two decades of experience working for organizations that extend from major defense companies and mid-sized commercial companies.

Mike served in the United States Air Force and has earned a BBA in Business Management from Trinity University and is an active member of Society of International Affairs (SIA) and International Compliance Professionals Association (ICPA) for over 20 years.

Edwin Lim
Director of Business Development, APAC

Edwin leads the business development team in APAC and is responsible for strategic partnerships, alliances and business development in Asia. With more than 20 years of industry experience in the components distribution business, Edwin has a deep understanding of the OEMs and ODMs relationships within APAC and has a passion to excel for professional and personal development. He communicates daily with OEMs, ODMs from different manufacturing industries, and quickly establishes trust and credibility with his customers by being consistently reliable, strategic and supportive.

Edwin is currently located in Taiwan. He holds a distinction degree in Business Administration (Economics).

Nicole Evans
Director of Business Development, Americas
Austin, Texas, USA

Nicole joined Velocity in 2018 as a Business Development Manager for California’s Bay Area and was promoted to Director of Business Development for the Americas in 2022. Nicole came to Velocity with over 20 years of experience in franchise distribution. She has been an integral part of Velocity’s growth and success in the Bay Area and greater West Coast. Nicole’s industry background combined with her knowledge and ability to develop key relationships creates a strong competitive advantage for Velocity.

Andrea Eckmann
Director of Sales, EMEA
Munich, Germany

Andrea joined Velocity in 2023 as Director of Sales EMEA. With more than 13 years of experience in franchised and independent distribution, she will contribute to the expansion of the business in EMEA. She is passionate about the challenge of adapting to new situations and guiding the team through a changing market.

Andrea graduated from the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences in 2009 and holds a diploma in business administration with a specialization in international management and marketing.

Mona Penzis
Director of Sales, EMEA
Augsburg, Germany

Mona joined Velocity in 2023 with a strong background in the electronics industry. She has a deep understanding of the EMS segment and brings with her an excellent market and leadership reputation. She is now responsible for developing Velocity’s EMEA business through strategic partnerships using her proven industry network.

20 years of trusted service

Velocity Electronics was founded in 1999 with a specific goal in mind: to build a company unlike any other in the business. A better company, one that customers can depend on for secure, aligned, and flexible component management solutions. One filled with people committed to acting with integrity — toward customers, suppliers, and each other. A company that proves high ethical standards and great financial success are not contradictory — that, in fact, they are mutually inclusive.


Velocity Electronics was founded on February 1, 1999 in Austin, Texas.


Velocity Electronics Inc. becomes Velocity Electronics LP and employs 25 people.


First ISO 9001 certification


Reached $5M milestone and received ANSI ESD S20.20 (electrostatic discharge) certification


50 employees reached


$10 million milestone reached and office opened in Guadalajara, Mexico


$15M milestone reached, office and control center opened in Singapore, integration of ACE recognition program, Excellence Award winners


Opening of the office in Colombia and launch of our secure ERP software Velocity Information Systems (VIS)


$20M milestone reached


$30M milestone reached, first AS9120 certification in Austin, opening of office in France, while receiving Sanmina's Supply Chain Excellence Award


Achieved 100 employee milestone, achieved AS9120 certification, opened Shanghai office in China and expanded capacity at our distribution control center in Austin, Texas


$50M milestone reached


Opening of offices in Amsterdam and India. Singapore has received AS9120 and ISO 9001 certifications. Austin has received ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications and Velocity has received the L3 Communications Provider Excellence Award


$70m milestone reached, offices opened in Sweden and UK, brand identity and logo redesigned


Achieved $85M milestone, reached 150 employees, opened Distribution Control Center in Amsterdam and office in Shenzhen, China. Also, received AS6081 certification in Austin and Amsterdam as well as AS9120 certification in Amsterdam.


Velocity Electronics LP becomes Velocity Electronics Corporation and receives AS6081:2012 certification for the United States and Amsterdam Kris Kelly becomes President and CEO Opening of the office in Germany


$100M milestone reached.


Cap of $150 million reached.


First AS9120 and AS6081 certification worldwide. Developed to open additional offices in Mexico.


Expansion to open offices in Poland, Austria and additional offices in Germany as well as completion of a brand/logo refresh.


Achieved $500M milestone


Achieved $750M milestone

Purpose and Core Values


Our purpose is our reason for being; Velocity’s aspirational North Star.

Core Values

Our core values are the rules. The framework that defines Velocity’s culture and personality. Provides a final “should/shouldn’t” test for all behaviors and decisions by everybody.


We achieve this through our processes, protocols, and people:

  1. Velocity has one of the largest, qualified global supplier networks. We fulfill our customers’ most challenging component requirements through the speed and global reach of our proprietary sourcing software, Velocity Market Search (VMS). VMS gives Velocity a distinct competitive advantage in its ability to provide unsurpassed speed in sourcing available material. Additionally, our strategically positioned global sourcing teams work around the clock to locate the parts you need when you need them.
  2. Velocity’s quality assurance begins with supplier selection and our vendor rating process. This real-time, automated process ensures that all suppliers are tracked on the following key value drivers: product conformance, order accuracy, on-time delivery, and transactional volume. Each of our suppliers and their performance metrics is tracked and evaluated before and after each transaction and are automatically updated in Velocity’s global ERP system.
  3. Velocity employs a rigorous inspection protocol to screen all material processed through our Inspection & Distribution Centers (IDC). Each IDC utilizes a holistic approach, combining the industry’s most sophisticated equipment with exceptionally trained quality professionals… and no other independent distributor is globally certified to more industry standards than Velocity.

Velocity utilizes an automatic data-driven supplier rating system based on actual receipt and inspection results to ensure that we purchase from suppliers capable of delivering consistent high quality. Each rating has three primary components: quality conformance, timeliness, and volume. This includes non-objective aspects such as posting actual stock, terms, and warranty.

Velocity has multiplied since its founding in 1999. Our investment in our stakeholders includes not just our business partners but also our internal employees. What makes us different is our client-focused values and dynamic internal culture.

  1. We are building a transformative global culture and value cultural transformation. A truly global culture starts at the top. The values of our leaders cascade to our employees. Each employee can make a difference in the overall strategy and vision.  We don’t limit risk-taking and creativity to sales roles. The innovations our employees make — whether they are quality inspectors, buyers, or accounting specialists — tie into the overall success of our business.
  2. We are not just a sales-focused company striving for market share. Mutual trust and respect are the bedrock of what we do. Transparency? Well, there’s not a lot in this industry. And that is precisely the quality that founded Velocity. When we say our employees are stakeholders, we mean that they are empowered with insight into how they tie into the organization’s success.
  3. Velocity supports personal growth. We embrace community involvement, giving back through established programs all over the globe and adapting to our stakeholders’ fresh ideas. Our leadership strives to motivate people in their careers, support personal passions, and drive their pursuit of excellence.

A unique and highly effective culture powers Velocity’s global procurement of electronic parts. Our employees represent 20 nationalities and speak 19 languages. We operate across 27 locations in 17 countries with 3 global distribution centers. Our unique, team-oriented approach makes Velocity stand out from the competition. Here’s how Velocity’s global strategy drives our partners’ success.

Our team is 100% committed to continuous improvement. To achieve this level of commitment, we hire talent — but we don’t stop there. An enriching environment built on fairness, loyalty, and respect create a strong foundation for our business. In carrying out our mission to provide our customers with immediate, reliable, high-value component management solutions and unparalleled customer service, we believe that the best solutions come from collaborative relationships.

We promote ethical partnerships internally and externally. Internally, we inspect products all over the world. Our inspectors must coordinate on the latest updates and best practices to process materials through our Inspection and Distribution Centers (IDC). Velocity’s holistic approach that combines cutting-edge equipment with our highly trained professionals requires global coordination to meet our consistently high standards. Our sellers likewise coordinate globally to sell products all over the world. We foster a connected, supportive culture while striving to do the best for our clients and our mission.

Real-time sourcing draws on strategic supply partner relationships for the best value possible.  

Many factors pressure the global electronic components supply chain; natural disasters, component allocation, obsolescence, tariff restrictions, and the need for cost reduction. Velocity Market Search (VMS) offers real-time information on parts availability worldwide. With instantaneous data on current and historical pricing, current and obsolete manufacturer cross-references, and data sheets, our experts can immediately get to sourcing and negotiating to meet your needs.

Avoid the dangers of counterfeit parts. Counterfeiters are opportunistic. During times of shortage, a surge of counterfeit items will foil many distributors. Real-time sourcing implies that your partner has done the hard work beforehand to vet their suppliers. VMS results provide supplier ratings on product conformance, timeliness, and historic volume. In addition, Velocity adheres to industry-leading counterfeit avoidance protocols.

Gain access to the source material you need. When facing a component challenge, you need options now. As an independent distributor, Velocity sources material from every manufacturing line, including obsolete and end-of-life products. Using VMS, we can return material availability from Velocity Stock (which includes exclusively consigned partner materials), franchise distributors, and proprietary private stock offers, as well as complete availability from all global independent distributors.

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