Why Velocity Electronics’ Company Culture is Valuable to Our Partners

Discover why company culture is important to the success of our organization, the happiness of our employees, and the satisfaction of our partners.

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Having a strong company culture is crucial to employee retention and overall happiness. Company culture is based on a strongly held and widely shared set of beliefs supported by strategy and structure. Having employee’s ideologies align with the same vision and ideals as the organization is crucial to success, internally and externally. 

Culture is consistent, observable patterns of behavior in organizations. Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.”

Velocity Electronics Values Every Employee

One of our highest values is to deliver exceptional experiences and outcomes both internally and externally. To do this internally, we recognize that each individual has a vital role in the success of Velocity Electronics. 

When our employees are invested in what inspires the company, it thrives. Velocity Electronics engages its employees and truly values their opinions. For this reason, we highlight employees from every facet of the organization to recognize their monumental importance. 

Inclusivity is at the forefront of our culture. Consequently, we want every employee to be included in our goals and innovation regardless of their background or title.

Velocity Electronics Company Culture Improves Employee Retention

When our employees feel they are an active participant in the organization, they feel valued. Current and potential employees quickly get a feel for a company’s culture which determines their interest in engaging with that organization.  

That being said, we believe in building solid relationships internally so it benefits our partners, externally. The longer we all work together, the more we get to know one another. As we learn our partner’s preferences, the less questions we have to ask, and the more streamlined our relationship becomes.

Our Communication Increases Productivity

Communication is important to the success of a company. At Velocity Electronics, we ensure that the lines of communication are always open between employees and management. This guarantees we provide the best experience possible to our partners. When communication is clear we learn and grow faster. As a result, our processes and tasks become more efficient and we are able to accomplish much more for our partners.

Furthermore, it demonstrates a genuine commitment to our partners’ needs and an investment in their long term goals. In the ever changing electronic components industry, this is worth its weight in gold. We are always changing and adapting to new situations, taking on challenging tasks for our clients, and solving unsolvable problems. Frequent correspondence and briefings are how we maintain solid communication so our business partners receive the best service possible.

Why Company Culture is Important to our Business Partners

Undoubtedly, a defined company culture generates more dedicated employees who will invest in the quality of their products and services. Dedicated employees who are happy in their workplace are more likely to develop solid, long-lasting relationships with our business partners. This allows us to best serve them and their goals.


“An organization is a living culture that can adapt to the reality as fast as possible.”

— Abdi Osman Jama

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