Trouble Securing Supplies to Improve Semiconductor Shortage

Increased shortages are causing delays in improving the supply chain.

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Global Semiconductor Shortage Continues to Grow

The semiconductor shortage continues to impact millions and is likely to expand. Growing numbers of manufacturers around the world are unable to secure supplies of semiconductors. This is only further disrupting the supply chain. The shortage, which has already impacted products such as cell phones and vehicles, is likely to begin impacting household appliances like washing machines and additional consumer electronics. The unprecedented situation is leading the industry to consider how to increase semiconductor production in the future.

TSMC to meet Automaker’s Minimum Semiconductor Demand by June 2021

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd, also known as TSMC, expects to assist in the semiconductor shortage by increasing production. The company’s goal is to accelerate production enough to meet automakers’ “minimal requirements” by the end of June 2021. The auto industry was one of the first to feel the harsh side effects of the shortage, and because of the lengthy and winding supply chain, the supply requires multiple months.

Cisco Semiconductor Shortage to Continue for Another Six Months

The upsets in the supply chain for semiconductors have also caused trouble for numerous tech firms. Due to an increased interest in products that use semiconductors and a shortage in production, the industry has found a need for increased semiconductor production. Though Covid-19 certainly played a role in the shortage, the black listing of Chinese companies exacerbated the issue. Cisco CEO, Chuck Robbins, expects the shortage to last at least another six months. 

The semiconductor shortage is continuing to grow and impacting the supply of consumer electronics. For now, the shortage is expected to last through the rest of 2021, leaving many in the industry waiting for the improvement of the supply chain and thinking through the future of production. However you do not have to wait for the industry to improve, at Velocity, we are experienced in helping our partners find solutions for their immediate and urgent needs.

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