New Global Vice President of Sales Operations

Hal Juergens, a dedicated, determined Velocitarian, has been promoted to Global Vice President of Sales Operations.

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Velocity Electronics promotes Hal Juergens to Global Vice President of Sales Operations

In his nearly two decades with Velocity, Hal Juergens has left an everlasting impact on the company. Since joining Velocity in 2002, Hal has been responsible for Velocity’s distribution sales and customer program/inventory management enterprises. Hal was also instrumental in Velocity’s evolution and branding as a trusted supply chain management partner to several of the world’s leading manufacturers. Hal’s organizational acumen and versatility have undoubtedly been vital to Velocity’s global expansion and revenue growth. Hal’s experience and skills have been crucial as Velocity successfully navigates disruption in the global supply chainIn September 2021, Hal received a promotion to Global Vice President of Sales Operations. 

With his extensive experience and steadfast determination, he is sure to create an immediate and sustainable impact. He embodies the core values of Velocity’s mission and culture. Hal will direct functions that support global sales productivity to deliver exceptional experiences and outcomes to Velocity’s primary stakeholders.

"Over the last 19 years, Hal has led dynamic change across multiple departments continually pushing Velocity to the forefront of independent distribution. Hal’s unparalleled when it comes to dedication and commitment to Velocity’s people. His loyalty, guidance, and leadership have been critical to Velocity’s overall success. Hal is a deeply trusted colleague. It's delighting he will be a part of Velocity’s future, and I am looking forward to our continued success."

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