The Power of Visual Inspection: Counterfeit Electronic Component Detection

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Increasing Your Supply Chain Security with Verified Components

With the continued supply chain disruptions, counterfeit parts are also on the rise. This is why supply chain security and solutions are more important than ever. Our guide will assist you in understanding the importance of ensuring the quality of electronic components. With helpful tips, this will help you feel confident in noticing common signs and indications of a counterfeit part during the visual inspection process. At Velocity Electronics, we hold ourselves accountable for delivering exceptional experiences, each and every time. This is why our inspectors are experienced and provide unmatched supply chain security. Before exiting the warehouse, each product goes through the Velocity Inspection Protocol. We use the industry’s most sophisticated equipment to ensure authenticity. 

FREE Guide to Counterfeit Component Detection

During a time of global shortages, it is vital to ensure your components are verified and quality. Download our free guide to learn tips on how to verify your components and detect counterfeit parts.

Now more than ever, counterfeit parts are challenging to identify. With technology innovation, the world of counterfeit parts has expanded and matured. Artificial parts are easier to disguise and harder to spot during visual inspection. 

Letting a counterfeit electronic component slip into your supply chain poses many risks for you and your partners. If a fake part fails, the user can be injured, or that part may cause a piece of equipment to malfunction, short-circuit or even cause a fire. Although the potential hazards do not stop there, it is a top priority to provide services and trust your partners can rely on. By relying on proven and experienced visual inspection processes, you can avoid counterfeit component headaches and help your partners receive components they can count on.

Discover how Velocity Electronics can assist with your global electronic component sourcing demand.​

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