Quality Control Through Inspections: Driving Success

Your electronics parts supplier should engage on all fronts of the quality control process. Learn about the importance of thorough inspections.

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You Demand Exceptional Quality. So Do We.

Quality control in electronic components is a dynamic endeavor. Responding to threats, training inspectors, refining supplier relationships — your electronic components supplier should engage on all fronts of the quality control process. While there is always room for improvement, here are some key differentiators that set an exceptional provider apart in a competitive industry.

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Creating a Dialogue for Ongoing Improvement

The electronic components supply chain is vulnerable, and the tendency for counterfeit and non-conforming parts to slip in increases during times of shortage. But the process of ensuring that all electronic components are up to the highest standards through quality control is not solely reactive. While a defensive posture towards this threat is valid, the challenge is to remain forward-looking — to grow and improve the whole industry — rather than just weeding out problems as they crop up.
At Velocity, we source our components through a carefully monitored process. In line with our transparent practices, we measure our suppliers by providing them with a scorecard that clearly ranks their performance to our proprietary standards. We go beyond written feedback to meet with our suppliers in real-time. This happens on a single platform and ensures that we are on the same page as our suppliers when we procure electronic components. This level of transparency sets us apart.

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Taking Quality Inspections to New Levels

Inspections are critical. A multi-layered process prioritizes security, but it’s essential to look into how inspectors execute that process. Details, such as what standards are used and how rigorously they are applied, should be readily available.
Qualified inspectors are a must. At Velocity, we go above and beyond in quality control by using an inspection process that incorporates highly skilled inspectors and engineers. Working together, they ensure optimal testing is performed every time.

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Top 3 Criteria for a Reliable Electronics Component Supplier

Drawing upon the regulations, anti-counterfeiting efforts, and certification programs available in the industry, we’ve identified the top three criteria you should use when seeking a reliable electronics component supplier:


Look for a supplier that has taken the time to acquire relevant certifications, not just to comply with regulations. Certification shows a supplier’s commitment to adhering to industry standards and best practices and a willingness to have a third-party audit to confirm those practices.
We are committed to continual improvement and are certified to AS6081, AS9120/ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17020, and IPC-A-610 standards, among others — that’s more than any other independent distributor.


Reliable electronics components suppliers actively participate in anti-counterfeit conversations and efforts in the industry. Look for a supplier that is a member of GIDEP (Government-Industry Data Exchange Program), SAE International, and ERAI. Velocity is actively involved with all of them, in addition to the Electrostatic Discharge Association and the International Institute of Obsolescence Management.

Internal Processes

Certifications and engagement are crucial, but they are not enough on their own. You must also have a good understanding of your supplier’s internal processes. Note the following:

Velocity’s industry-leading counterfeit avoidance protocols and our real-time supplier rating system have resulted in an impeccable record. Quality control is something that should not be overlooked, especially when the supply chain is constantly being disrupted. 

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Our Results Drive Your Success

With high-reliability verticals, there is no option for failure. Unfortunately, counterfeit and non-conforming parts continue to plague this vertical. That is where a thorough quality control process and our detailed inspection record help us stand out. Over a billion parts were processed with zero conformance problems. This same record applies to our products used across all verticals.
We understand that your success depends on the reliability of the components we process. Earning and keeping your trust drives our daily commitment to supplying exceptional electronic components. For more on how we make this happen, contact us.

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