3 Advantages to an Independent Distributor Partnership

Better quality, deeper trust, and access to more inventory worldwide? Absolutely. But that's just the beginning.

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Customized Solutions Built on Strategy, Security, and Integrity

Supply chain disruptions can wreak havoc on your bottom line. As an independent electronic components distributor, Velocity is committed to being the reliable source for the solutions you need. Electronic components brokers often focus on one-time transactions without quality guarantees, while independent distributors like Velocity invest in building long-term relationships and adherence to quality protocols. But the advantages of an independent distributor partnership don’t stop there.

Driven by Values

At Velocity, we’re driven by values that allow us to create meaningful partnerships and exceptional customer experiences. Any potential partner should provide transparency around their sourcing process, responsiveness to client needs, the length of time they’ve operated in the industry, and how they can optimize your costs. Independent distributors are generally much more forthcoming with this kind of information.

An electronics component broker may find you what you need, but the relationship ends there. Velocity nurtures every client relationship because we emphasize honesty, integrity, and a commitment to adaptability. The right independent distributor will accelerate your search and leverage resources to solve your unique and demanding supply chain challenges.

Unmatched Supply Chain Security

With counterfeit components and wire fraud on the rise, trusted supply chain partners are more important than ever. Independent distributors often have the means to implement robust counterfeit avoidance and quality assurance protocols that brokers do not.

Dedicating time and resources to quality assurance is generally linked to longevity. If your independent components distributor has been in business for a decade or more, chances are they’ve got top-notch security and quality procedures in place.

Velocity is no exception. Our rigorous seven-step quality inspection process guarantees end-to-end supply chain security. Since our founding more than twenty years ago, we have dedicated the effort and resources to become certified to more standards than any other independent distributor. Quality is your top priority. Selecting an independent electronic parts distributor with the same values is paramount.

Global Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Experienced, reliable, independent distributors will open up sourcing possibilities beyond the standard, use proven tools to find parts in a shortage market, and employ a thoughtful vendor selection. To get a sense of your independent distributor’s scope, inquire about the dollar amount of components they have access to at any given time. The larger the access, the more chance they can get you what you need when you need it.

Velocity is not limited to a static line card, commodity group, or subset of brands like traditional franchise distributors. Furthermore, our reach is global. With local experts in 28 international locations and access to 92% of inventory worldwide, our strategic sourcing abilities surpass individual brokers and franchise distributors. Velocity’s proprietary Parts List Merger (PLM) tool and vetted global supplier relationships allow us to source EOL components to extend the life of your equipment, cut costs, and manage excess inventory.

Independence has its advantages. When you’re looking for customized strategic solutions, an independent electronics component distributor can provide the time, attention, and resources you need to avoid supply chain interruptions. Ongoing shortages and shifts in consumer demand will continue to affect the semiconductor market for the foreseeable future. But Velocity is here to ease the procurement process. Submit an RFQ and lay the foundation for a long-term partnership today.

Flexible solutions

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