3 Electronics Manufacturers that are Changing the Semiconductor Industry

3 Electronics Manufacturers that are Changing the Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor shortage continues to negatively impact many industries and consumers around the world. However, electronics manufacturers are working relentlessly to change the semiconductor industry for the future.

From delays to a lack of products, the consequences of the shortage are obvious. Many will continue to feel the shock for months, and maybe years, to come. However, the following electronics manufacturers are working diligently to grow the future of the industry, despite hardships in the supply chain. Read on to see why these three electronics manufacturers are ones to keep your eyes on. 

NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors creates semiconductors that go in a variety of electronics. Everything from smartwatches to smart home devices may be a product of NXP. NXP invests a lot of focus into the safety of their products and in the future of the electronics manufacturing industry. Recently, the company spent time researching safety within drone traffic.

Through their research, NXP continues to find ways to keep drone traffic protected against collisions and hackers. Earlier in the year, surprise cold weather in Texas caused a shutdown, but they continue to forge on. Additionally, they utilize their intuitive and creative design and technology to work towards a brighter future.


STMicroelectronics is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Their “…technology is found everywhere microelectronics makes a positive contribution to people’s lives.” They create semiconductor technology that impacts everything from toothbrushes to washing machines. Recently, the innovation behind STMicroelectronics led them to partner with Metalenz to work together on transforming optical sensing. This flat-lens technology will give complex optimal systems an edge in power and size. As a result, the optical sensing breakthrough will impact the consumer, automotive, and industrial world.

Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor producer Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides parts for items such as clocks, automotive MCU’s, flow sensors, and more. As Renesas produces products, they continue to seek fresh ways to commit to a world that is safer and healthier. In 2020, they introduced the “Renesas Culture”, which includes a code of conduct held up by all Renesas employees. To Renesas, innovation is more than giving better quality in their products and services. Most importantly, it’s about leaving the world a better place for the future.

In conclusion, the upset in the semiconductor supply chain is likely to last for the near future. However, this time continues to serve as a moment primed for creativity  and cutting edge work. Electronics manufacturers such as NXP Semiconductors, STMicroelectronics, Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., continue to seize the chance to grow. As a result, they work hard to grow not only as electronics manufacturers, but, most importantly, as global citizens. 

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