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As a global electronic component distributor, Velocity Electronic’s dynamic strategic sourcing team is trusted to support growth and customer needs for high-tech organizations that are constantly increasing the pace of innovation.

Reliable, integrated, innovative solutions for

Electronic components

Component Shortage Sourcing

Our global sourcing experts find EOL components to extend the life of your equipment through our large line of vetted suppliers and industry-leading counterfeit avoidance protocols.

Cost reduction​

We integrate innovative electronic component supply chain solutions to boost your bottom line and reduce cost of inventory ownership.

Quality Inspections​

Our experienced quality inspectors and engineers provide the industry’s most robust counterfeit avoidance and detection protocols, providing our customers with unmatched supply chain security.

Obsolescence Management​

We reduce or eliminate the financial impact of excess electronic component inventory and recover your capital from material loss.

Proprietary Software Suite​

Our global, integrated software lets us quickly meet the needs of every component buyer in a timely manner.

Distinctive Culture​

Our strong organizational values influence the kind of workplace we provide for our employees as well as the kind of partnership we offer our customers.

Needle in the haystack sourcing

Over 92%

worldwide inventory access


Bottom Line

savings in inventory ownership costs


55,000 Square Feet

global climate-controlled warehousing

Trusted Record for

Pass-Fail Ratio

Quality Inspection

Trusted security from start to finish

With over 55,000 square-feet of secure inspection and warehousing space, our experienced quality inspectors and engineers provide the industry’s most robust counterfeit avoidance and detection protocols, offering our customers unmatched supply chain security.

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Source Today Top Distributors 2022

Source Today’s Top 50 Electronics Distributors

For the second year in a row, Source Today ranked Velocity in their Top 50 Distributors. This year, we ranked 16 out of 50, which puts us 10 spots above last year’s ranking.

Electronics Sourcing 2022 Forecasts Feature

President and CEO Kris Kelly’s Executive Forecast was featured in the December 2021 issue of ESNA.
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